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Apple Hack – Mac – Make Some Cool Folder Icons

by Mar 14, 2016Computers0 comments

Turn your boring blue computer folders into cool icons.
Change the blue folder icons on your Mac.

 Tired of the boring blue folders on your Mac? Change them!

I just found out that this was even possible to do. Of course, I had to change all of my boring, old folders on my Mac desktop tosome cool icons!

This has not been a total time-waster. It really does make finding what I need so much quicker when each folder has its own iconthat reminds me of its content.

I’ve also “re-iconned” all of my folders in my collection of stock images with an icon of what’s inside the folder. This is pretty easy to do:


1. Select the folder that you’d like to change. Hit command-i, which will open theinformationpanel for that folder.

2. Find a photo or clip art that you would like to use for the folder’s icon. Open it on yourdesktop. Use a jpeg or png file. You don’t have to resize it - it will resize automatically.

3. With your desired jpeg or png file open, hit command-a (selects all of the picture), then hitcommand-c (copies the picture.)

4. Go back to the information panel for the folder you are going to change. Double-click the bluefolder icon in the upper left corner, next to the name of the folder. You will see a gray outline around the folder. Hit command-v (paste) and the folder will now have a new, cool icon to replace the old one!

Change the blue folder icons on your Mac.
Change the blue folder icons on your Mac.

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