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We take security (ours AND yours) seriously. Although no system is 100% hack-free, there are many ways to greatly reduce the risk of information ending up in the wrong hands. We take pride in keeping up-to-date on software and procedures that offer the best chance that your information will not be lost or stolen.


All of our hard drives are encrypted with Firevault XTS-AES 128 encryption. Only 2 people have access to our data and files. We backup our entire system daily and a complete backup of all files are stored in a secure location off-site.


There are many different usernames and passwords attached to various databases and administrative panels when building a website. All of these usernames and passwords are stored on a separate external drive. Once you receive your Master Password List, that email is deleted from our hard drive. We will keep a photocopy on a separate secure drive when we need them for website maintenance or just in case you ever lose yours. We suggest you print your list or transfer it to a secure external USB drive and delete the original email.

ALL of our websites come installed with spam guard and security plugins that your business’s website adminstrator will have access to. You’ll be able to see just how often (and where) hackers from around the world are trying to access your site! Even if your website contains no sensitive information, hackers commonly use small sites as “storage areas” for data that they may be transferring from one place to another.


We use Square as our credit card merchant. The most secure way to process a credit card is by swiping the actual card, but if that isn’t possible, we can key in your credit card number and information. We prefer that you call us with this information. Please do not send your credit card number via email. We do not keep your credit card information on file, digital or otherwise.