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Web Design

Trying to build your own website?

Oh yeah…I’ve been there. It doesn’t have to be this way!

You already know you need a website if you’re going to compete in today’s market. As the owner of a small business, you already wear many hats and the last thing you want to do is have to add “build website” to your To Do List. I’m a freelance designer myself and I understand the unique challenges faced by small businesses, where both, time and money, seem to be in short supply sometimes.

I specialize in ONE thing - designing fresh, responsive websites for small business owners, entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs and freelancers for a very affordable price. And, all of my website designs are built on the WordPress content management system, allowing you to blog, add more pages, install plugins for added features and grow your website as large as you want!

But even if you don’t need a larger website (or don’t ever get around to it), the basic All-In Website Package is awesome just as it is! Dynamic images and graphics, responsive on any device, search-engine-optimized and absolutely no technical knowledge required from you!




The All-In Web Design package consists of 2 parts, and is the starting point for all of my web designs.

Part 1 Cost - $47.40

Part 2 Cost - $625.00


Part 1

This will include your hosting and domain name, which you are responsible for setting up at (Don’t worry - we’ll walk you through it!) This way, your hosting service and domain name will be owned by YOU! There are two reasons for this:

#1 Each year, when your domain name and hosting account come up for renewal, Siteground will email you directly and give you the choice to renew or not. Instead of me having to contact you, get payment from you and then pay Siteground, you will be able to save us both some time and renew yourself.

#2 This is the most important reason: Though I hope you don’t, if you do ever decide to use another web designer (or if something awful should happen to me…yikes!), you will still have full access to your hosting, domain and the website files I’ll be building for you.

I’ve had two experiences with clients whose web designer technically owned the clients’ domain names, hosting and passwords, and then never completed the sites. My clients were forced to choose a new domain name and pay for a new hosting account and start over. Don’t let that happen to you!

Setting up hosting is pretty straightforward, but I would be happy to walk you through the process in person or over the phone. You will need the WordPress Hosting Startup plan at SiteGround, which is currently $47.40/year. When you sign up for hosting at SiteGround, you will get to choose your domain name for free.

*If you do sign up on your own, without my help, please make a note of your username and password, as I will need these to get into your server to upload your website files.

Part 2

This includes everything else!

• Responsive, dynamic and search-engine-optimized, our websites use the amazingly customizable Divi Theme and look great on desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

• Built on the very popular, user-friendly and dependable Wordpress platform. Even if you don’t have any plans to blog on your website now, the option is always there if you change your mind! It’s built right in!

• Security, antispam, fast cache and backup plugins, which will be updated for you, free for the first year.

• Short on images and graphics? We provide you with free stock photos and graphics for your website! Yes - you read that correctly.

• Sleek, one-page design, with up to 6 sections, such as Home, About, Contact, Pricing, Photo Gallery, or any sections you would like, with lots of cool choices for displaying your information: slideshows, accordions, tabs, blurbs, number counters, parallax effects and more!

As a matter of fact, our own website that you are looking at right now, doesn’t use anything other than the same types of modules that we are offering you!

• Support – We’re here for you! It’s not just a slogan. We mean it. If you have questions or problems with any aspect of a website that we’ve built, please feel free to call, text, or email and we will work with you to find a solution.

• Absolutely NO technical website or coding knowledge needed - you just provide your business information, text, logo (if you have one), colors and any graphics or images you want to include and we’ll put it all together for you!

Over the coming months, we’ll also be adding articles to our library, geared specifically toward our clients, with easy-to-understand tutorials, that will help you get the most from your website by showing you things that you can do yourself to change photos, colors, fonts, text, and add posts to your blog!

Keep in mind, your website will look fantastic and function perfectly, right out of the box. There’s no need for you to do anything at all, but if you want to play around a bit in the back end of your site, our Library will show you how!

Computer power cord.
Website sections explained.

What Are Sections?

Along with a header section that contains your logo, tagline and menu, the basic All-In Website package includes up to 6 sections. Sections are basically the same as pages, except that each page, or topic of information, is arranged vertically on the “home” page.

There are several reasons for organizing websites this way:

Mobile browsing is now the way that more than half of your potential customers are getting their information online. Vertical scrolling is user-friendly and intuitive, especially on smartphones and tablets. Many users find it irritating to have to jump from page to page to find the information they’re looking for.

Keeping most of your important and key information on the same page ensures that it will be seen! If you have a section that requires a lot of information, you may certainly link to a separate page to expand upon a topic, but it’s your landing page that needs to capture their attention!

Many small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers sometimes find it difficult to come up with enough information to warrant having 5 or 6 different pages of information.

If you only need a few paragraphs and a couple of photos for an “About Us” section, for example, why make your clients jump to another page when you can put it right there in front of them? On the other hand, if you have a team of 8 or 10 people and want bios and photos of each of them, then you might consider using a separate page for that information.

Extras - A La Carte Menu

You Already Own Your Domain Name
You already own a domain name that is registered with another hosting service and you want us to point your domain name to your new SiteGround website. $29.95 You already own a domain name that is registered with another hosting service, but would like it actually transferred to SiteGround. $49.95 You have already purchased hosting and a domain name from a hosting company other than SiteGround and you want to keep it there and have me build your website on your current hosting server. $89.00

Extra Pages or Sections
Do you need extra pages added to your website?

Add an extra page, with up to 3 sections of information. – $89.95 Add an extra section to a page – $39.95

Small Website Changes
Even though the Divi Theme is designed to allow easy updates to your website, if you’d rather leave it to us, we are happy to make minor updates to your website when the need occurs. Minor updates include items such as changes in text, phone numbers, swapping out photographs, or changing colors.

Each adjustment – $9.95 Three adjustments – $24.95

Website Backups and Updates
Our basic website package includes backups and updates to your theme and plugins free for one year! After the first year, you may, of course, update your website on your own. If you’d rather not have to bother with it, we can do it for you.

Monthly Backups with Weekly Theme and Plugin Updates for one year – $36.00

Blog Posting
If you’d like your website to contain a blog, but you don’t want to configure and layout a blog post or article, just send us the text and any images, graphics or links you’d like to use, and we’ll design it for you and upload it to your blog page. $29.95

Super-Grid Plugin
For a super eye-catching grid layout, we have a fabulous, premium plugin that can be incorporated into it’s own page or displayed on a section of a page. It can be configured with unlimited colors and designs and can even be made into a clickable link! Check out a sample here.

Super-Grid Plugin with 24 grid cards – $129.95 Each additional grid card – $5.95

Custom Photography
We are available for custom photography. If you’re looking for some great images of yourself, employees, products, or office, we will come to your location (or meet with you at a location of your choice).

Your photo session includes up to 20 high-resolution, professionally-edited images for use on your website. Once your website is complete, we’ll give you a copy of all images to use for other purposes, as you see fit. Check out Fifth World Design’s Photography page to see samples of our photography work. Custom Photo Session with 20 Images – $139.00

Anything Else
As hard as I try to cover every possibility as far as pricing goes, sometimes my clients come up with a great idea for something they’d like to have incorporated into their website or they need something more complex. If you need services that have not been included in my pricing, feel free to discuss them with me and I will let you know:

#1 Whether it’s in my wheelhouse or not. If I don’t know how to do something you ask for, I’ll let you know up front. #2 If I can do it, I’ll give you an estimate on the number of hours it will take, billed at $30 an hour.

I’m In! What Should I Do Next?

How It Works…

• Contact me by phone (815•228•5615) or email and we can set up a time that’s convenient for you to meet in person or have a phone conference to discuss your new website and answer any questions you might have.

• Complete the Website Planner.

• Sign contract and pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost.

• Sign up for your hosting account and domain name at SiteGround.

• Based on information and content you’ve given me through our conversations and Website Planner, I’ll put it all together for you to complete a first draft and discuss revisions.

• After revising the first draft, based on your ideas and preferences, I’ll ask you to go through your website again to check for any other changes and tweaks.

• Once you approve the second draft, we will GO LIVE with your new website!

• The remainder of the balance is due within 2 weeks of the go live date. Once I receive payment, I will send you a copy of all passwords associated with your administration panel and your databases. You’ll also receive files to any custom design elements that I may have created for your site, such as logos or graphics, in case you want to use them elsewhere!

Contact Information

Michelle Anderson

Web Design & Graphics

Michelle Anderson, web designer. Fifth World Design in LaSalle, Illinois.

Ted Anderson

Portrait & Wedding Photography

Ted Anderson, portrait photographer. Fifth World Design in LaSalle, Illinois.

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