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A guide for planning your website.

A Guide to Planning Your


This worksheet will help you to lay a solid foundation for your web site. It will help define your goals along with setting guidelines to make sure your website is complete and useful for your visitors.

If you don’t know an answer or feel like it doesn’t apply to you, then simply leave it blank. If you have any questions, please call Michelle at 815-228-5615 and I’ll be happy to help you.

If you’d like to download or print a PDF copy of this planner to use as a worksheet before you fill out and submit the online website planning form, please feel free to do so.

Website Planner Worksheet PDF

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Michelle Anderson

Web Design & Graphics

Michelle Anderson, web designer. Fifth World Design in LaSalle, Illinois.

Ted Anderson

Portrait & Wedding Photography

Ted Anderson, portrait photographer. Fifth World Design in LaSalle, Illinois.

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