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A guide for planning your website.

A Guide to Planning Your


This worksheet will help you to lay a solid foundation for your web site. It will help define your goals along with setting guidelines to make sure your website is complete and useful for your visitors.

If you don’t know an answer or feel like it doesn’t apply to you, then simply leave it blank. If you have any questions, please call Michelle at 815-228-5615 and I’ll be happy to help you.

If you’d like to download or print a PDF copy of this planner to use as a worksheet before you fill out and submit the online website planning form, please feel free to do so.

Website Planner Worksheet PDF

General Information

    Information used by me to contact you.

  • Information about your business to be shown on your website.

  • What is your business all about?


Image and Style

  • The visual appearance, graphic design and color scheme of your website will communicate volumes to the visitor about you and your business.
  • Choose Your Colors

  • If you answered no, or you have a general color idea, but no specifics, I've included a link to a Hex Code Generator that contains thousands of colors, with their corresponding hex codes. A Hex Code is a 6-digit number/letter combination that starts with a "#" sign and represents a specific color.

  • Your website, by default, will contain black and white. Please enter up to 3 hex codes below, other than black and white. If you only want 1 or 2 other colors for your website, that's fine too!
  • A common problem many of my clients have, especially when just starting out, is to know what types of elements or content their website needs and how to word that content.

    We will discuss specific sections of your website in the following pages, but it always helps to search for websites of businesses that are similar to your business, to get some ideas of what type of content would work well for your products or services, and the wording you want to use.

  • Please list a few websites that communicate a style that is similar to what you want. They don’t have to be businesses similar to yours. I’m just trying to get a sense of your style.

Graphics and Images

  • If you do have a logo, I’ll need the highest resolution copy that you have available.

    If you do not have a logo, I can design a simple text and graphic logo for your website.

  • If you don't have any quality images for your site, don't worry! Your website package includes stock images and graphics, with a limit of 12.

    For example, let’s say you are in the landscaping business and you want a nice background image of a magnolia tree for your “Services Offered” section on your website. I’ll send you several different image samples of magnolia trees and you can choose the one you’d like to use.

  • Accepted file extensions: png, jpg, gif.

    If you have more than 6 image or graphic files, or if your files are in another file format such as pdf, ai, or eps, you can just email them to me at after you have submitted your Website Planner.


A Word About Search Engine Optimization

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to techniques used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

    Ideally, you would like your website to contain as many key words as possible. Key words are words that your potential customers would type into a search engine such as Google to find a business they need, such as yours.

    For example, let’s say you own a landscaping business. I live in LaSalle, IL and I need a dead tree removed from my yard. I’m likely to type something into my Google search engine such as “tree services in LaSalle,” and hopefully your landscaping business will come up somewhere on the first page of results. In this case, key words would include, tree, service and LaSalle. Or I might type in “landscaping in Central Illinois.” If your website contains the words landscaping or Central Illinois, your business is much more likely to come up in the search results.

    With this in mind, please list keywords that you would like me to use as I build your website. These key words are used in the metadata that is read by the search engines in the back end of the website. But key words are also important in the content of the front end of your website, so keep that in mind as you write the content for your website sections.

  • Please list important key words or phrases for your website, seperated by commas. For the landscaping business example we used above, the list might look something like this:

    landscaping, LaSalle, Peru, Ottawa, tree service, bonded, pond maintenance, trimming, Central Illinois, garden fertilizer, plant diseases, mowing, trimming, debris removal, nursery, outdoor furniture sales, fencing, weekend service, hostas, annuals, perennials, evergreens, ornamentals

  • There are many factors that determine your rankings on search engine pages.

    • • Most search engines penalize websites that are not responsive, meaning they don’t function properly on smart phones and tablet devices. This is not a problem you will have to be concerned with, since all of Fifth World’s designs are coded to look and function beautifully across all devices.
    • • Adding fresh, original content to your website, via blogging, will help your search engine rankings.
    • • Users who add a link from your website to theirs or who share your content to their website or social media help your SEO.
    • • Using key words in your domain name is something you should consider if you haven’t already purchased a domain name. (For example, is more SEO-friendly than, because the domain name itself contains words that a potential client in the area would type into a search engine when looking for a landscaper in the area).
    • • Time. An established business whose website link has been used and whose website content is kept updated and shared on social media and other sites, will eventually start to move up in search engine rankings.

Website Sections

  • The All-In Website Package is a one-page, vertical scrolling website that includes the opening, or “landing” section that includes your logo and motto/slogan/text, followed by 6 sections of information.

    What sections would you like on your site? Indicate the sections you would like on your site using the suggested section titles below. The menu links to the sections on your website can be renamed whatever you would like after we add the menu to your website. The section titles listed below are only to get you started.

    Remember that it is best to keep only one topic per section.

  • Your Social Media Links

  • A URL is the website address shown in the browser window at the top of your screen. For example, Fifth World Design's facebook URL is
  • Section Content

  • The following pages include text areas for your content. You don’t have to worry about formatting your text if you don’t want to or don’t know how. If you would like headings or bullet lists for specific items, just put your special instructions in parentheses. If you’re not sure what you want, just send me the text I’ll design and arrange your content into an easy-to-read, stylish format.

    If you have Word documents, photos, logos or other content that goes with a specific section, you can email all of that to me at

    And don’t worry, you will have opportunities to rearrange, reformat or change wording as your website is being built.

    I’m always available by text, email, phone or in person!

  • A common problem many of my clients have, especially when just starting out, is to know what types of elements or content their website needs and how to word that content.

    As you are writing content for your website in the following pages, it may be helpful to search for websites of businesses that are similar to your business, to get some ideas of what type of content would work well for your products or services and how to word that content.


Website Checklist

  • Use this step-by-step guide to help you navigate through each task required to ensure your new website will be up and running in the shortest time possible. You can print this entire guide to use as a worksheet, if you’d like.
  • Website Hosting


Computer power cord.

Contact Information

Michelle Anderson

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Michelle Anderson, web designer. Fifth World Design in LaSalle, Illinois.

Ted Anderson

Portrait & Wedding Photography

Ted Anderson, portrait photographer. Fifth World Design in LaSalle, Illinois.

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